Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Concept stuff

Im thinking of making hum more skinny with muscle definition and a bit more furry. A bit more cartoony look for Honzo and Greta. 


The Witch


Quick Back Story

My Honzo and Greta characters are a brother and sister mercenary group for hire. They are given a mission by a secret agency that wants a so called "witch of the Haunted Forest" captured. No one knows the witches true identity but they know the witch exists. He/She has been capturing people who wonder into the forest, and sends them back out permanently mentally and physically scared. While on the mission Honzo runs into the witch and is caught off guard, so the witch is able to get the upper hand and renders him unconscious. Greta hears the fight and tries to save her brother but ends up getting captured by the witch. When Honzo wakes up he looks for his sister and finds a trial leading to the witches house.